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13th August 2000


Last Updated
30 March 2004

We have a Sunday School each Sunday in the Hall from 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm. This Sunday School has been taking place for many years. We love to have the boys and girls from the village coming in to hear the way of Salvation each Sunday.

We currently have 8 Sunday School teachers, who faithfully teach the 30 or so boys and girls. We feel that Sunday School work is one of the most important works we do, as it gets the Word of the Lord into the hearts of the children at a young age. The Lord says that "My Word shall not return unto Me void".

Each year we have a Sunday School outing, which the boys and girls (and adults!) look forward to immensely. We always go to Portrush which is on the Antrim coast and is a popular holiday resort. We normally go the last Saturday in May or the first Saturday in June.

We also have a "Children's Day" for the Children and this usually takes place in late May just before the children get off for their long summer break. We invite the mums, dads, parents and friends to come and hear the children saying scripture verses and singing courses, and of course as always at these occasions.....TEA is provided!!
For the last few years, we have had Gospel Singer Joe Peden as our special guest speaker and singer.

The year is rounded off in December with the "Children's Social". This gives the children a chance to sing, recite scripture and most importantly for receive their prizes for attendance for the year!! The children can choose from the following prizes :- A Bible, Bible Book, pen, Christian music tape, pencil case or a picture. For those children who have only missed 2 Sundays in the year, then a special prize is also awarded.
As with "Children's Day", a special guest speaker is invited to speak to the children and a word for the adults too. TEA again is on the menu!

We really appreciate the parents who have the desire to send their children to Sunday School. We thank them for getting them ready and helping them learn their verses for each Sunday. Some of the parents who send their children along to Sunday School, actually attended when they were children. Have a look at some photos from past Sunday School events. If you live in Carrowdore and have attended the Sunday School at some stage, you will find these photos very interesting!

The first photograph was taken at the "Children's Social" around 1975, and the second photo was taken around 1988. A photo of the teachers is also included from around 1988.

Please click on the photos for the full size versions. Also check out our Children's Meeting Page for more work amongst the boys and girls.


Children's Social 1975 (VERY OLD HALL)
Children from the 1988 Sunday School
Teachers from 1988