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Site Established
13th August 2000


Last Updated
30 March 2004

We would value your prayers for the following :-

 1. Pray for the unsaved in Carrowdore, that the Lord by his mighty power would stir their hearts, and bring them to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

 2. Pray that the Lord would move in our country and that He would send us a time of revival again like He did in 1859.

3. Pray for the Lord's work in Maranatha Hall. Pray especially for all the Gospel Meetings and efforts which take place. Pray especially for the meeting which takes place every Lord's Day evening, the Bible Study and Prayer Time each Thursday evening, the work amongst the young people and children in the village via Children's Meetings and in the Sunday School. Pray also for the Saturday Night Rallies, that the people of Carrowdore may respond positively to God's invitation for salvation.

4. Pray for the sick and those who need a touch from the LORD at this time. Especially our brothers and sisters in Christ who are connected with Maranatha Hall.

5. Pray for our loved ones who as yet have not trusted the Lord as their own and personal Saviour. Pray that the Lord would convict and convince them of their sin and bring them to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

6. Pray for Mr. & Mrs. Leinster who labour in Birmingham preaching the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would provide both their daily practical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Also pray that God would raise up someone to take over the work in Birmingham.

7. Pray for the work of the "Every Home Crusade" world wide tract distribution. Pray that God would bless the workers who labour for him and that His Word may be spread abroad throughout the world and many souls saved as a result.

Please let us know if you would like any further topics for prayer listed